Melva Torres Almeida

quality manager

Agrícola San Juan Corporation

I always considered him a good boss, an excellent boss, a good leader. He worked well in a team, he was charismatic, and when a person is like that he makes everything enjoyable.

He worked with joy, very responsible but he also had his moments when people could reach him. Not the typical boss with whom one can barely talk.

Since I worked with Ad, punctuality was one of the things I learned from him, responsibility and how to treat. The treatment of the staff, how he addressed people. He was very friendly, respectful.
I consider him to be a good communicator. He coordinated teamwork very well.

Ad is sincere, intelligent, respectful. Intelligence because he has the gift and ability to understand and comprehend things, sincerity because I consider him to be a frank and honest man. Respectful because I always saw that his treatment was respectful towards family, friends, he respected nature, culture.