Vicente Wong Naranjo

executive vice-president


Businesses require much intelligence and wisdom, but also audacity and sagacity, you have to have that characteristic of going further, of overcoming fear, so I think he has that characteristic of curiosity, of openness, of searching for new things, I believe that these are very typical characteristics of an entrepreneur who is willing to undertake new projects.

When you meet that type of person, you really gain respect and consideration for them, because they are as they are, you don’t see them pretending or trying to show a face that they are not.

That is how I feel about him. As a transparent, simple and open person.
Today it is very important to have an open mind. We are in a type of economy in which it is necessary to work in networks, to be open, empathetic. I think that is one of the characteristics of a leader to find people and followers, I think Ad has those conditions.